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DREW-LUX - Realizacja dla firmy Björn Borg
DREW-LUX - Realizacja dla firmy Douglas
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DREW-LUX company was established in 2004 and then it was transformed into Drew-Lux Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. [limited partnership]. The company manufactures and implements store systems for retail and service brands. We support the development of our clients in the domestic and international market.

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DREW-LUX - Realizacja dla firmy Zara
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Are you developing a chain of stores? Are you opening a new sales showroom? Take care of a professional image of your brand, effective exhibition of products and high functionality of space. Contact us.

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DREW-LUX - Realizacja dla firm Zara, Douglas


We are a company with longstanding traditions in the manufacture of furniture for retail – service premises. We offer a wide range of natural and synthetic materials and an array of innovative technical solutions.

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DREW-LUX - Realizacja dla firm Zara, Douglas

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